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Welcome to EUROBLADES SRL Web page. This way we would like to introduce you our company and make it acceptable to do business with us.

We are a family company with tradition in manufacturing since 1978, what shows a few generation continuity of growth and development. Innovation and our own investment in development are the basis of our success. Encouraging and rewarding the diligent and responsible work, with continuous learning and improvement of all company employees. Development of long-term partnerships with key suppliers to mutual success. Monitoring of global trends and learning new technologies is our ongoing task.

Our task is to remain one of the leading Italian companies in manufacturing and exporting specific knives for grinding and rental services, hotel supplies and shops on domestic and world market.

Our mission will be achieved with our own innovative development, lasting through the creation of satisfied and loyal customers through a professional service, and with the help of a partner-distributor of our products on domestic and foreign market.
We believe that quality is the most important thing so we are proud to serve our valued customers with 100% Made in Italy products manufactred by very skilled and experienced people. 

Our knifes are made according to strict quality standards coming from HACCP standards and best practice gained with several decades of production.
Blades are made by high quality stainless steel (X40 Cr13 or X50 CrMoV15) and have medium high hardenss (53-57 HRC), high flexibility, rustproofness and sharp-edging. To obtain high quality blades we particulary give close attention to heating treatments and following machining to preserve mechanical characteristics. Each knife is sharpened manually by expert people in at least three phases.
Handles, with ergonomic design focused on professional uses, are made by thermoplastic materials (PP+Rubber or PA) and they are directly moulded over the tail blade creating in that way a practically indestructible knife that could be washed on industrial washing machines and sterilized.
For more details about our prodcuts please visit our Catalog 

Beside standard knives several years ago we started the production nonsticking blades with a self developed coating. This particular line is called "LAME NERE" (Black Blades in english) due to the blade colour. This special knives offer a very high nonsticking properties, increased rustproofness and longer resharpening time.     

Butcher knife PTFE 
Specific knife for hot and cold meat. 
Blade lenght cm. 22
3 virtues knife: chopping, dicing and mincing. 
Ergonomic shape and reduced weight grants to this knife excellent and simple use in kitchen activities. 
Blade lenght cm. 18
SuperFlex fillet knife PTFE 
Specific knife for fillet fish and meat. It superflexible and thin blade helps to provide accurate cutting activities.
Blade lenght cm. 18
Fruit/Vegetable knife PTFE 
Usefull knives for cutting and pealing fruits and vegetables.
Blade lenght cm. 11 e cm. 7 


Another important prodct range for us is Outdoor Knives like Machete Bolo, Skinners, Hunting Sets and Throwing-knives and some other knives made according to customer requests.

All of our knives could be customized with specific handle colour and customer logo/brand on blade. We can also do knives according to customer requests with specific shapes and materials.